The Southern V

ATTENTION: Special hours Saturday 12/23/17 will be 9am – 12pm and 3pm – 5pm. Sunday 12/24/17 will be Breakfast only 10am – 12pm. Thanks!!

***We will be discontinuing cake and catering orders until further notice.  All current orders/inquiries on our books will be fulfilled. ***


Thank you Nashville for ALL the love you’ve shown The Southern V

We appreciate your continual support and understand that home grown may not be able to provide quantity, but will never sacrifice quality.

Given that we are a family business, these will be our hours and dates of service. We address custom cakes and events during the week to allow others the opportunity to experience The Southern V.  As operations and customer base grows, we will explore expanding our hours/dates. Until then, The Southern V will be the vegan weekend breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert option in Nashville!

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