A few of the questions we regularly receive:

  1. Are you vegan?
    Absolutely. There is no way we could talk-the-talk and NOT walk-the-walk! Our whole family is vegan.
  2. Why is there always a line at The Southern V Bakery & Café?
    Well we hope that the main reason is because our vegan food and treats are unmatched! 🙂 Everything is made-to-order (with the exception of pastries and baked goods). We value your patronage and want you to get your monies worth. This attitude is one of the pillars of our business and has been demonstrated since inception; whether it be at farmer’s markets or events. We understand that money does not grow on trees, and the things you elect to invest in should be worth it. So please be patient, and await the joyous experience that your taste buds will never forget.
  3. How can you cook without eggs, milk or butter?
    Some of it’s magic! Seriously, it takes many tests, trials, and various organic alternatives to create our dishes so that they taste just as good (if not better) as your “pre-vegan” days. 
  4. How much of a notice do you need for a specialty cake (birthday, bridal/baby showers, and graduations)?
    As soon as you pinpoint a date, we need to know! We ask for a minimum of two weeks. It is extremely difficult to get a specially designed vegan cake here in Nashville, so we book quickly. We do have a non-refundable deposit (prices vary per order) for such orders to hold your spot on our calendar, which will be applied to your final order.
  5. What about wedding consultations?     
    Yes we do! Bookings are on a first come, first pay basis. To see if your wedding date is available please check our Calendar. The Southern V is a custom order bakery, therefore the amount of order per week are limited. We highly recommend setting up a no obligation consultation and taste test. Our tastings are $50.00 and include two cake flavors to sample. We do require a credit card for all appointments held. If you book with The Southern V within one week of your event, the tasting fee will be applied to the order. If you need to reschedule (or cancel), please contact us no later than one week in advance. In the event that an appointment is missed (or cancelled) less than 1 week before the appointment your credit card will not be refunded. During the consultation we will discuss how The Southern V can help make your wedding day even more special. We encourage you to bring anything that represents the vision that you have, including invitation samples, color swatches, cake pictures, etc. The consultation usually lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours so please plan accordingly.
  6. Do you have items for little vegans?
    Yep!  As you can see, we have little vegans of our own! We create smaller portions of things we know they love like mac n’cheeze, veggies, chick’n fries and more. Little vegans deserve to eat good too! See our menu
  7. Will my non-vegan (friends/family/collegues) like The Southern V?
    We truly believe so! Of course, it takes time to get used to any “meat” substitutes, but a large portion of our customers are NOT vegan! All of our eats & sweets are handcrafted to taste like your “traditional” non-vegan meal. So bring yo’ mama and ’em! 🙂
  8. I am diabetic, can I eat your sweets?
    We do offer some diabetic/low-sugar treats; but given that we make a limited amount of such options, please contact us to see if we have anything available.
  9. I cannot have gluten because of Celiac’s disease. Can I eat at The Southern V Bakery & Café?
    As much as we would love to welcome you with open arms and confetti, we would have to say NOOur facility is NOT a gluten-free facility. We do prepare such items separately; however, we cannot avoid possible cross-contamination and would not want to place you at risk. If you do not have Celiac’s disease, but prefer gluten-free, we will typically have some options on our menu for the weekend. Check here.
  10. Can we dine in at The Southern V Bakery & Café?
    We nicknamed our place the “vegan shack” for a reason. The best places to eat are always the “hole in the wall” places! Our bakery & café is cozy enough to house all of the important things to create great food and unfortunately there is no room left inside for seating. The to-go-style environment is set up for customers to enjoy their food in our green space, take to Centennial Park, or wherever you like to munch. Picnics are welcome!
  11. Google Maps brought me to 513 Fisk Street but I don’t see you?
    Our bakery & café is attached to the backside of Delores Beauty Salon. Please take the side alley and you will see a blue building with a yellow mailbox stating 513b. Proceed and park in the gravel parking (if available) or park along Fisk Street.
  12. Why aren’t you open more?
    Ah, lovely question!  We are family-owned, husband and wife team with small children. Should I continue? Ha! We are an active family that that is very involved in the community, so we value any free moments we get together. Many of you, that have been with us from the beginning, know that family is the heart of our business and our girls are with us wherever we go. As our following grows, we hope to expand our days and times. Another reason for our Fri/Sat/Sun schedule is because most people tend to eat out or look for food on the weekends. Foodie cheat days are typically chosen these days as well!
  13. Are you a peanut-free facility?
    No, we are not peanut-free. We do designate ONE weekend per month where we will serve peanut-based products such as our Chocolate Elvis or Peanut-Butter & Jelly donut.  We try to ensure the safety of those who have peanut allergies as much as humanly possible by having the aforementioned schedule, and also create a happy medium for those peanut lovers too.
  14. Do your “meat” substitutes contain soy?
    Besides the “meat” used for our Signature Panini, all of our “meat” substitutes are handcrafted in-house!  We like to ensure that we know everything that goes into our products for the safety of everyone. If any of our products do contain soy (or other allergens), it is clearly listed on the menu. 
  15. Can I preorder donuts or any other bakery items?
    We do not hold items due to our “first come, first pay” policy. All baked goods and savory items are prepared daily and are available until sold.  If you need to place an order for a large gathering or office meeting, please provide a 48 hour minimum notification.
  16. Do you deliver?
    Deliveries are only available for specialty events/orders as determined during consultation.