• Norah

    Head of Security
    Her stoic demeanor is not one of intimidation, but analyzation. She will patiently wait as you place your order and happily high-five you once you've made your decision. Some of her favorite things are smoothies and doggies.
  • Tiffany

    Co-Owner & Creator of all things delicious!
    Self-taught, Tiffany's story is one of determination and conviction to follow her dreams. After harnessing her insane amount of hobbies and talents, The Southern V hit the streets. Spreading love through her creative food is what she does best! Some of Tiffany's hobbies include swimming, traveling and slumber party nights with her family! "Don't let anyone steal your dream," is the motto that her grandfather, Dr. Howard G. Senter always reiterated since she was a little girl. Tiffany believes that, "it doesn't matter your current situation; If you can breathe and move, there is an opportunity to spread your gift."
  • Clifton IV

    Co-Owner and CFO
    Clifton wears several hats within The Southern V. Many of you will see him at our events, delivering to your doorstep, or communicating with online inquiries. When he is not addressing The Southern V' s needs, he is working full time as Speech Language Pathologist. He enjoys a good game of basketball, running and is a movie addict. Simply put, the man does not stop.....
  • Eden

    Head of Public Relations
    Eden, the eldest daughter, is the smile of The Southern V. She will inform you that our products are vegan and not made with "cow's milk." She loves high fives and people who are polite. If you get into a conversation, she'll happily invite you over to dress up and have a tea party!